Do not drink hot tea, careful esophageal cancer!
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  Many friends drink tea at the end of it, and then it gets burned. "Impatient to eat hot bean curd", tea is no exception, can't wait to taste, can be burned to the tongue. Therefore, we should pay attention to the proper cooling of the tea and then drink it, so that it will not burn to ourselves, or we can enjoy the enjoyment of the tea soup.

  In fact, the drinking temperature of tea is not only about the taste of tea, the release of beneficial elements, but also about your health. According to medical experts answer: esophageal mucosa refractoriness is 50 ~ 60 ℃, more than the temperature, the esophageal mucosa will be scalded, and just brew good tea, temperature 80 ~ 90 ℃. Studies show that when water temperature is between 65 ℃ ~ 69 ℃, the esophagus cancer risk doubled, once the tea water temperature over 70 ℃, esophageal cancer incidence increased 8 times.

  So, what's the temperature of the tea inlet? From the point of view of the human body, 60 degrees of water temperature is more comfortable. So, when you drink tea, you might as well pay more attention to the temperature.


  So what else about temperature?

  The first is the water used to make tea. The temperature is very important. Making tea is also an important factor in determining the taste of tea. Too cold water can't make tea taste, too hot water can easily destroy the effective material of tea. With the right temperature, you can make this cup of tea.

  The second is the water temperature of tea. Tea, "too cold" or "too hot" are undesirable. The aroma of news in tea tasting is the effect of "warm tea". The temperature of warm tea, according to the personal entrance temperature is comfortable. Drink warm tea, temperament neutralize, inside body "angry" because of tea sex and descend, from urine eduction, natural health.

  The cup also affects the temperature of the tea. If you have a cup with an insulating effect, the freshly brewed tea can last a little longer, and sometimes after 10 minutes you will have a perm on the tea. And for a small cup, open wide, the heat dissipation effect is very good, the volume of a small cup is not big, place a little bit, the finger does not have apparent "hot hand feeling" when raising a cup, can drink at the entrance. (source: book sword says pu 'er)

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