European Standard Delicate Tea

  Along with the advanced equipment and management techniques introduced from Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and so on, Riantea becomes the first tea company that achieves streamline production integrating whole process clean, centralized dust collection and laser code, automatic weighing & packaging and the whole on-site monitor as well, which indicates that Riantea keeps the pace with international standards preliminarily. Riantea has passed through international certification of HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Ecocert Organic (EOS & NOP) and certified participant of Ethical Tea Partnership in the UK.


Industry Upgrading Supply Chain Value Chain

  Driving the core philosophy of industry spotlight, promotion of integration and leading change, the new investment project of Riantea▪City Hub has been therefore started at the beginning of Year 2020 in Nanchang – a city with 6.50 million populations in Southeast China. This project is aimed to facilitate the extension of service side and customer self-experience on top of the existing industrial chain, revolve around tea modern warehousing logistic and distribution, advanced technology and blend, intelligent packaging, experiential factory visit and consumption, e-commerce, R&D and international communication, innovate creation of urban supply chain, brand value chain and new business model for Riantea product.



Riantea understanding of tea.

Tea comes from the forest, it is the gift of nature to human, is among the first products to go abroad, is a symbol of healthy and harmonious, will with gratitude, with simple lines, modest returns of products and service, make the people trust the good product, do a respected enterprise.

Core culture: simple responsibility innovation and beauty.
Product concept: fashion is simple and convenient and healthy.
Career outlook: focus on making tea only for one thing.

Enterprise vision

Tea as a healthy drink which has been proved none of any negative effects among the three major beverages so far. It is the first Chinese product which had been introduced into the world, and is known as the best gift that China has presented to human beings in the 20th century. It shoulders the ancient culture and long history of China, plays a more and more important role in the international communication of the country and the nation.

Riantea determines to extend the industrial chain to value chain in the next 10 years with open and inclusive cross-border cooperation and resource sharing, to actively promote organic, healthy, delicate, convenient and fashionable tea consumption, to focus on core business while respecting natural law, organically growing and predictable breakout, to become a responsible enterprise, reliable brand of healthy tea and recognized by minds of consumers.


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