Ideal Candidate

"Character, intelligence, team, passion"

Moral priority: first by the personal character, ability is the employment standards, "is, not only, its available, DE only, it should be reuse, has just lost its just harder to use" post match: each role has its own professional requirements, suitable for the people is the talent in the right place.

Due diligence: have a high sense of responsibility for work, be a person -- honest; Work -- conscientiousness, dedication, innovation, pursuit of excellence.

Team work: a drop of water is small, the sea will be magnificent; A grain of earth is slight, and the gathering of mountains can be majestic. The power of the individual is weak but he is dependent on a good team to succeed as the team grows.

  • Network operations supervisor 1
    Below 35 years old
    no couple
    educational background
    Specific Requirements

    Basic requirements: good appearance, kindness, sense of responsibility, good attitude, thirst for knowledge, dare to challenge new things (with relevant experience preferred);

    Responsibility: electric business platform, including taobao, Tmall, shop no. 1, jing

  • Riantea Callery Housekeeper 1
    Below 45 years old
    no couple
    above master degree
    Specific Requirements

    Basic requirements: good appearance, sense of responsibility, leadership, practical ability and strong sense of service and responsibility, with more than two years of management experience in high-end leisure resort.

    Job responsibilities: 1, will be entirely r

  • Youth tea bar operation team or senior partner 5
    Below 35 years old
    no couple
    educational background
    Specific Requirements

    Post background: Riantea is committed to the 80 junior college students to promote Chinese tea and tea after living knowledge, cultivate tea consumption in the future the corridors of power, so the cooperation with famous colleges and universities, based on the publi

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