Youth tea bar operation team or senior partner 5

Age:Below 35 years old  Sex Preference:no couple  Educational Requirements:educational background

Post background: Riantea is committed to the 80 junior college students to promote Chinese tea and tea after living knowledge, cultivate tea consumption in the future the corridors of power, so the cooperation with famous colleges and universities, based on the public welfare and sustainable development and talent reserve strategy, launched campus youth tea plan, committed to the traditional Chinese tea with novel, convenient, the concept of the fashion and health to love life, advocate natural young students in school, campus youth will provide tea, tea books, and other integrated services network salon, operations team or individual can become a shareholder in cash or options and solely responsible for making operational plan, recruit and train college students to participate in the operation and management and share with the results.

Our requirement: love tea industry, have the consciousness of independence, served as a milk tea shop, liquor stores, tea, the manager or related position in a fast food restaurant (STARBUCK, KFC and other foreign drink experience preferred)

Treatment: this is a challenging position, and the founder of the company will give you a commitment, you know.


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