Riantea Callery Housekeeper 1

Age:Below 45 years old  Sex Preference:no couple  Educational Requirements:above master degree

Basic requirements: good appearance, sense of responsibility, leadership, practical ability and strong sense of service and responsibility, with more than two years of management experience in high-end leisure resort.

Job responsibilities: 1, will be entirely responsible for department internal work, actively coordinate the relationship between the internal and the relevant departments, give full play to the enthusiasm of team, to create a good working environment and ensure that all work smoothly;

2. Responsible for the management and training of the service standards and work efficiency of the department;

3. Responsible for communicating the work tasks and work indicators to subordinates and supervising the implementation of the work regulations of the department;

4. Responsible for formulating the work plan of the department and completing the tasks assigned by the leader;

5. Responsible for the evaluation of the staff of the department, and give performance assessment based on the principles of fairness, fairness and openness;

Salary: we try to be above your expectations.


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