People with a bad stomach can't drink tea? Green tea is ground to powder is matcha?
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Tea is one of the most popular health habits at present, but "tea" is very red, and there are more rumors. Polish your eyes and see the truth. Unconsciously, accompanied with tea is a year, "daily necessities sauce vinegar tea" or "dinner", in the lives of Chinese people must not tea, but it doesn't really understand it.

The "sense of panic" of tea not only appears in the new tea guests, but they are afraid of many teas because of their lack of experience. It also appears in the old tea party, because the more tea you drink, the more you want to know about tea. Fake tea rumors, let's use the scientific knowledge to relive it!

1. The burst bubbles when tea is made, because the tea is dirty or has agricultural residues.

Fake! Make tea in the tea art performance, in the daily, we are used to spray, mainly because of the cause of the "unconscious", feel foam is dirty, in fact that layer of foam not only harmless, but beneficial to human body, is produced in the tea tea saponin.

Tea contains very little saponin, so it has no effect on the color and aroma of tea leaves. It has been confirmed by scientists that tea saponin also has anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation effects. In ancient times, the white foam was regarded as a kind of essence.


Drinking tea "back to gansu" is the result of hard work.

Tea "back" is because it contains sugar or amino acids, but the tongue is more sensitive to bitter taste, tasting bitter substances before tasting the sweet taste. It seems that the sweet is born of bitterness, but that may not be the case.

3. "wash" before drinking tea.

The essence of the tea is gone, the tea circle is popular such a saying "the first water, two tea, three four is the essence". The first tea is hot water, quick soup, can clean the impurity attached to the tea surface; The second tea, slightly soaked in the soup, let dry tea spread in the water, especially the tightly pressed tea. Also can decide according to the shape of tea leaves "wash" one or two.

It is easier to leach the tea and to feel the aroma more quickly. Some tea lovers prefer to call it "wake tea", "run tea" or "warm tea", which can enhance the sensory experience of drinking tea.

4. The tea set does not need to be cleaned, leaving some leftover tea to retain the flavor and raise the pot.

Do not clean the tea set in time, will produce the tea scale to adhere to the inner wall of the appliance. Tea scale is caused by the oxidation of polyphenols in the air. First of all, it will only become more and more difficult to clean the tea scale, which will affect the original color brightness of the tea set.

Secondly, the tea cake goes into the body with the tea, and combines with the protein, fat and vitamins in the food to produce the insoluble precipitates, which also hinder the absorption of nutrients.

Leftover tea can't be left in the pot, and the overnight tea soup tends to degenerate. The metamorphic flavor infiltrates into the pot body, not only can not help to raise the pot, but also is a kind of damage to the purple sand pot, in this way raises the pot tea, is harmful to the body.

5. Tea pets change color because of toxic substances.

Not necessarily! Now popular in the market will change color tea pet, hot water rushes down, can become colorful, cool and then return to the original color. This is actually because the surface of the tea pet is covered with a temperature - changing resin. The color change of the color change material can be achieved by coating a layer of hot tea with heat, which can also achieve the effect of discoloration.

It is a good idea to use color tea, but it is best not to pour tea into tea. When the tea is coated with tea, it is easy to produce harmful toxins.

Green tea is as fresh as possible.

Not necessarily! Many tea lovers seek the freshness of green tea, but too much "new" tea is not always good. Unfavorable to drink fresh tea was less than a month under pick tea, because tea storage time is too short, polyphenols, alcohols, aldehydes content is more, the people have strong stimulation of gastrointestinal mucosa, easily induced gastropathy. If the long time to drink new tea can appear abdominal pain, abdominal distension and so on phenomenon.

And fresh tea also contains active strong tea polyphenols, caffeine, etc., excessive drinking the new tea give highly excited and nervous system can produce limbs weakness, cold sweat dripping wet and insomnia "tea drunk" phenomenon. Therefore, new tea should be consumed less, and green tea should not be drunk every day.

7, green tea is ground into powder is matcha.

Matcha green tea with the biggest difference is that tea tree before picking must build the scaffolding, shade covered by changing environmental factors such as light intensity, light quality, temperature, affect the quality of tea aroma formation. The tea leaves covered by the tea will be picked, and the tea powder will be made by the process of low temperature drying, steam steaming, and grinding of stone grinding.

So even though it's green tea, there's a difference between planting and making it, and it's not just that green tea is powdered or powdered.

People with bad stomachs cannot drink tea.

First of all, tea can be replenished with water, the human body is fully hydrated, mucous mucous membrane secretion is sufficient, mucosal epithelium can get better protection. Second, there is caffeine in the tea soup, which has a transient stimulative effect on the central nervous system, thus promoting the secretion of gastric juices and gastrointestinal peristalsis, which helps digestion, so people say "tea consumption". However, if there is no food in the stomach, excessive stomach acid will definitely stimulate the gastric mucosa, producing burning or tingling discomfort. So, avoid the empty stomach drink tea, still should notice.

Drinking an overnight tea can cause cancer.

Overnight tea changes mainly lies in the tea polyphenols was oxidized to form the more of the pigment, so the beverage looks darker, at the same time some flavor substances, such as amino acid by oxidation, lost the freshness. If there is no external microbial contamination, it is safe.

But the tea water that has been released overnight, although the essence does not get worse, but cannot avoid the pollution of the dust or other microorganism, the quality that affects tea water, make tea person's health also be threatened. So the tea is still fresh, and the overnight tea is not drinkable.

Because of rumors, miss a good tea, and lost the trust in tea. Drink tea to cultivate sex, tea is good to you, you can not betray its good intention, also misunderstood it. It is the duty of every tea man to explain the misunderstanding of tea by scientific knowledge. False rumors hide in daily tea life, more tea, more tea, can drink good tea. (source: Oriental tea)

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