Winter health, starting with tea: the benefits of drinking tea in winter.
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  According to huangdi neijing, Ding You light snow to severe cold, this two months is "winter summer", is the "solar term" in the winter, but it's summer "climate" who, because of the influence of Mars, outside heat, both the so-called "little Yin jun fire", the corresponding is less the heart sutra and feet shaoyin kidney meridian. Winter is supposed to be hidden, but because of less Yin jun fire attraction, the heart and the kidney Yang qi float to the body surface, and winter pore nasal congestion, so hot yu in the body form, formed a lot of high fever. That's why, for the last two months, many adults in the northern hemisphere have had unexplained fevers. Face hot, and there will be some symptoms, such as headache, toothache, sore throat, dry eyes, etc., this paragraph of time the traditional Chinese medicine suggested that the beginning of autumn of (1) at 3 o 'clock in the afternoon, after drink fruit juice such as pear juice, runfei dry, the sun be the spirit, latent Yang is ziyin, qiu dong on nourishing Yin, diet must be small, otherwise more hot and dry, create all ills.

  Ding You is far less wood, year after year 2017 is corresponding to the liver, modern vulnerable to fluctuations in people, the year 2018 is the fire too, once the fire, is easy to gram of gold, the corresponding is lungs and therefore bear the brunt of the respiratory system, lung main rules: rules in confusion, all messed up, so to keep good lung qi.

  There are five stars in the sky, and there are five elements in the earth. Man and everything, between heaven and earth, must be greatly affected by the weather and the atmosphere. A lot of people's emotions are also inspired by heaven and earth, because people have five dirty five qi, they are sad and frightened, they are Yin, they absorb the five stars in the sky, the sky is Yang; Zang-fu, belongs to the Yang, absorbs the underground five lines of qi, the earth is Yin, such a Yin and Yang of the word, harmony, the balance of the Yin and Yang.

  Weather, is changeable, also called "polite", it is alternate; The earth gas, is invariable, also is the earth's main gas, one year six gas, ancient invariable: the wind wood, less Yin jun fire, less Yang fire, too wet earth, yangming dry gold, the sun cold water. In the winter of 2017, in the sky, it is the fire of less Yin jun, the main ascending powder, corresponding to the kidney meridian and the heart meridian; On the ground, it is the cold water of the sun, and the earth and sky are not compatible with each other. Therefore, the winter should be hidden, but the heart Yang outside, the heart and mind connected, heart disease and headaches are many.

  In the year of 1898, people in the northern hemisphere were about to face an atmosphere of great cold to vernal equinox, and the main gas of the wind was the wind. But the spirit of the company is "the cold water of the sun", and the result is that the heat is cold, and it can't be fired. Just after the big cold yesterday, we still have to deal with a fire in winter.

  The second qi, is the spring equinox to the small full, the main qi shao Yin jun fire, when the qi is yangming dry gold, the spring and summer line autumn, the fire is in the autumn cold, the winter cold air suppression, endogenous stasis. So the next month or two, the Spring Festival, or less is better, or add fuel to the fire. After 3 p.m., drink some old white tea and give birth to a fire. Now many people are on coke thermal, hardness in cool, fire with hysteresis in the above, come down, people are very uncomfortable, all sorts of inflammation, toothache, sore throat, etc., and the so-called "inflammation", two of the "fire", in order to diminish inflammation, the first is the fire fighting, and cold tea, can send fire drying, firing to yuan.

  And modern people pay attention to nutrition, eat eat more later, cause the upper abdomen spleen and stomach and special, so the above fire come down more, taste xu burned hot, is to let a person more hot and dry, so it must eat less, under the solar terms of around a lot of attention to preserve one's health, recently all don't eat dinner, temple after noon don't eat more, people actually don't need so much nutrition, eat out too much trouble, nutrient-rich let whole body burden too heavy, qi and blood is on the digest these nutrients, the body does not need nutrition is waste toxins, also consume you, tao said, people this lifetime to eat is destiny, eat less to live a long time.

  Know how to drink tea, can turn a lot of small diseases into intangibly, drink tea, just do not know when to get small disease, do not know when the cure, the tea is wonderful, is here. All medicines are medicines of every disease, and tea is the medicine of all diseases. Drink tea this winter, start with the fire... (source: hongyi tea ceremony aesthetics, author: qing tong)

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