7 tips to help you drink tea without worrying about insomnia.
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  Many people say that they can't drink tea at night and suffer from insomnia. Does drinking tea at night affect sleep? Not necessarily. There is no doubt that tea has a refreshing effect. However, tea can also help god, so long as the scientific adjustment of the type and method of drinking tea not only does not affect sleep, but also helps to ensure the quality of sleep.


  The main reasons for insomnia:

  It is often said that drinking tea can cause insomnia because the tea contains caffeine, which can refresh the mind as well as refreshing the mind. However, it is impossible to generalize about drinking tea.

  The content of caffeine in tea depends on many factors, such as varieties of tea, growing conditions, picking season, picking standard, processing, etc., as well as the impact of brewing. The tolerance level of tea is also different for each person because of their physique, lifestyle and other reasons. Therefore, some people who drink a small cup of tea before going to bed cannot sleep, while many people who drink tea and drink tea have a sweet sleep.


  Drink tea so that you don't lose sleep:

  1. Drink tea three to five hours before bedtime.

  If you go to bed at 11 o 'clock in the evening, you will have tea before 8 o 'clock in the day and in the evening, which will not affect your sleep at night. Because for healthy adults, caffeine in less than an hour began to play a role in the body, dose of moderate caffeine intake, within three to four hours will disappear.

  2. Wash tea 1-2 times.

  Because caffeine is easily soluble in hot water, hot water for brewing for 2 minutes, about 70% - 80% of the caffeine was dissolved in water, refuse to mainly caffeine before 2 tea soup, to avoid drinking tea insomnia also to have certain effect.

  Drink a light cup of tea.

  The function of the coffee base needs to reach a certain amount to make a function, at the same time the human body has certain tolerance to the coffee base, for example the common cola, coffee, chocolate all contain the coffee base. So in general, the caffeine in weak tea is limited, which can reduce the effect on sleep.

  Drink more fermented tea.

  Like all fermented black tea. Because of fermentation, tea polyphenols are converted into polyphenols, such as tea flavin and tea red pigment, which reduce the stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, this kind of polyphenols oxidation products are very easy to be used with the caffeine, so it can reduce the consumption of caffeine directly in tea, thus indirectly reducing the risk of insomnia.

  Drink tea with sweet taste.

  The sweetness of the tea is mainly composed of soluble sugars such as monosaccharides and disaccharides in tea, as well as amino acids with sweet taste, such as theanine. A large number of studies have shown that theanine has good health effects on nerve protection, sedation, regulation of mood and other aspects, which can be beneficial to sleep without any side effects. For example, white tea with sweet and sweet taste is the top of the six tea categories.

  6. Drink cooked tea and old tea.

  Mature tea, old tea, gentle temperament, weak stimulation. Green tea, however, contains more caffeine and tea polyphenols, which have a significant effect on nerve stimulation. Black tea, ripe pu, old white tea and so on, not only won't let a person lose sleep, it is to be able to help morpheus instead. Especially the old white tea, the cooking effect is better.

  7. Have some sweet food

  Once in a while, if you drink too much tea, if you have some dessert or tea, you won't have to worry about falling asleep.

  Drink tea before going to bed, sometimes just for the sake of understanding that tea addiction, if you are the wrong way to drink tea before going to bed, cause insomnia, might as well try the method in the article.

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