Tea, slow down the pace of aging.
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Youth is like a flower, but the bloom is short.

Fortunately, tea can slow down the aging process.

The destruction of free radicals is responsible for the ageing of the body. Aging is inevitable, but it can always slow down the pace of aging.


  Most women turn to cosmetics. Unfortunately, aging factors are more productive in the body. Rely on cosmetic part can remove spots, let skin tight, isolate uv and cover black pores, but if you can't will keep clear of in time free radicals inside the body, still can't resist aging.

  Thanks to tea. Modern studies have shown that tea is one of the most powerful natural plants to remove free radicals.


  Tea polyphenols have inhibitory effect on various oxidase, can effectively remove free radicals, progress is the quickest means of antioxidant, and inhibit the generation of free radicals and activate the body's antioxidant enzyme system; Studies have shown that the antioxidant properties of tea polyphenols are significantly better than those of vitamin E, and the anti-aging effect is 18 times stronger than that of vitamin E, and it has a synergizing effect with vitamin C and E.

  We can simply soak the face or mix honey to make a facial mask, to get rid of greasy face, restrain pores, sterilize, and resist ultraviolet radiation to skin damage.

  We can drink a few bowls of tea a day to clear free radicals in our bodies.

The human body's free radicals are 90% of the abnormal fermentation of the intestine, so a bowl of fresh matcha can almost eliminate all of these free radicals. How simple!


  More importantly, tea catechins reduce the absorption of carbohydrate and lipid in the intestinal tissues by inhibiting digestive enzymes in the intestinal tract. Tea polyphenols can fight obesity by inhibiting body fat deposition and promoting the decomposition of excess fat. Scientific research proves that obesity is not conducive to scavenging free radicals, so for women to resist aging and scavenge free radicals, there is a good way to eat tea itself.

  So we understand why some women, even at the age of 60, still have the same skin as a young girl, because they know "tea" in addition to their diet and makeup.


  Knowing how to eat tea not only helps us to remove free radicals; Know the tea ceremony, more can let your mood at any time calm, posture elegant rise. Human aging, not only physical, but also psychological.

Time flies, and tea is good.

Youth is like a flower, but the bloom is short.

Fortunately, there is tea, which can inhibit aging.

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