Winter health, warm body and cold war secret weapon.
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  In winter, the physiological function of the body decreases, the Yang qi is weakened, and the energy and nutrition requirements are higher. A cup of warm black tea, not only can warm the body, but also has a lot of health benefits.

  What are the advantages of drinking black tea in winter?

  Black tea can warm your stomach

  The tea polyphenol contained in tea has the astringent effect, it has certain stimulation to the stomach. In an empty stomach, the stimulation is stronger, so it is sometimes uncomfortable to drink tea on an empty stomach.

  However, black tea is made by fermentation, and the tea polyphenol is oxidized by enzymes under the action of oxidase, and the content decreases, and the irritation to the stomach decreases.


  Black tea not only does not hurt the stomach, but can nourish the stomach. The oxidation products of polyphenols in black tea can promote digestion of the human body. It is often used to drink black tea with sugar and milk, which can reduce inflammation and protect the gastric mucosa. It also has some effect on the treatment of ulcers.

But black tea should not be put cool to drink, can affect the stomach and warm stomach effect, still may because put time too long and reduce nutrient content.

  Black tea is warm to cold.

  In winter, the physiological function of the body decreases, the Yang qi is weakened, and the energy and nutrition requirements are higher. A cup of warm black tea in autumn, not only can warm body, still can play the role of preventing disease.

  Black tea is sweet and warm, can raise the human body Yang qi, and the soup color is red, can give a person with warm feeling.

  Black tea is rich in protein and sugar, warm and warm belly, can enhance the body's cold resistance. In some parts of our country, we have the habit of adding sugar and milk to black tea so that we can have warm and warm stomachs, and we can also increase nutrition and strengthen physical fitness.


  Black tea can prevent colds.

  The weather is getting cold, the body's resistance is down, it is easy to catch cold, and black tea can prevent colds. Black tea has strong antibacterial properties. Gargling with black tea can filter viruses to prevent colds and prevent tooth decay and food poisoning, lowering blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.

  Black tea is warm, rich in protein and sugar, can enhance the body's resistance. Use black tea to gargle or drink directly, as well as prevent flu.

Due to the full fermentation of black tea, it is especially suitable for people with weak stomach and body.

  Black tea is good for digestion.

  Black tea can go greasy, help gastrointestinal digestion, stimulate appetite, and strengthen heart function. When the daily diet feels greasy and the stomach is bloated, drink black tea more, can reduce oily, promote digestion.

  The big fish big meat often lets a person indigestion, drink black tea at this time can eliminate oily, and help the stomach digest, contribute to the health.

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