How to judge the quality of pu 'er tea?
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  Cooked tea is mild and nourishing, greasy and greasy, and is a favorite of many tea lovers. So let's take a look at some of the areas where we can identify the best tea?

  In terms of appearance, the high quality pu 'er tea is generally made of gold, with a tight knot, heavy weight and a brownish red color. If the colour and lustre is black or more miscellaneous and have green sheet, withered and dark phenomenon, explain craft is poor or preserve badly, it is bad mature tea commonly. In the close pressed tea, take cake tea as an example, mainly to see whether the cable is clear and neat, not short of edges and corners, thick and uniform, elastic and moderate, and a neat knot; The color is black brown, brown, brown is normal. If there is mildew on the surface, the mildew point of pu 'er tea is inferior quality.

  From the point of view of the soup, the color of pu 'er tea is red and bright, and deep red is normal. Yellow, orange or dark, cloudy and opaque soup is a bad tea. For example, the "fermentation" process is not well controlled by the "fermentation" process.

  From the aroma, pu 'er cooked tea has to mention the fragrance of Chen and "the smell of wood." Chen xiang is the most basic aroma of ripe tea; The "wood smell" is due to the use of the fermentation technology of the puer mature tea, which is inevitable. But the "wood smell" can be reduced or even avoided, and after two or three years of conversion, the smell of wood will fade away. The high quality pu 'er tea will have camphor, incense, jujube incense, Chen xiang, etc., good raw materials and process make the fragrance of pu 'er tea produce pleasant.

  From the taste of the tea soup, the quality of the pu 'er tea, its tea soup taste of thick alcohol, slime, throat, glycol; On the other hand, the poor quality of pu 'er tea has a mild taste, low slip, and even a feeling of "astringent" feeling in the mouth.

  After fermentation, the leaves are brown or brown, and the tea leaves are rare and free of sundries. Poor quality pu 'er tea leaves incomplete or even mixed with some sundries. After fermentation, the complete degree of leaf bottom integrity may be broken to a certain extent. Therefore, it is mainly to see whether there is any sundries in the leaf base.

  The above method to distinguish cooked tea can be applied in general situation, not absolute. For example, some mature tea looks very ordinary, even ugly, but it can be drunk. Therefore, we should consider the quality of a tea together, not just a little or a few points to judge easily.

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