Want to learn the tea? Prepare these basic tools first!
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  When I was a student, and often have this experience: when there is a determined to study hard, to put desk clean, keep your learning kit, for "to do a good job must first sharpen his" this sentence. Of course, learning tea is also the same. If you really decide to study tea well, the basic tools will be indispensable.

  | water quality test suite.

  To make good tea, the first thing to do is to have good water. After all, people who can distinguish good water with the naked eye are few, so borrow tools.

There are many dimensions to the quality of water quality, and the testing tools include test paper, test pens, test kits, etc. But if it's just tea, the PH test and the water hardness test are ready.

  PH test paper

  Basically, the demand for tea water PH is weakly alkaline, national standard of drinking water PH range of 6.5 ~ 6.5, only need to put paper into the water, then compare than the color of color card, you can easily do judgment.

  Water hardness test pen.

  The hardness of water quality actually affects the actual quality of the tea, and different tea types may have different requirements for water quality, so the test needs to be more precise. This is a good time to show that the test pen with different hardness of water is very useful.

  Generally speaking, if you want to better reflect the characteristics of a tea, it is more appropriate to use distilled water, high pure water or pure water. If you want to make a cup of tea perfect, you will have to experiment in a lot of high-quality mineral water to make the best choice.

  | mini said


  Portable mini mini for the calculation of tea consumption, the weighing range is generally between 1g and 100g, and the accuracy is usually 0.01g, which has three advantages.

  Benefits 1- precision basic dosage.

  Using the word "tea" can be more precise, after all, it is too risky to grab a cup of tea.

  Benefits 2 - test the amount of tea.

  For the tea that you like, you can try to pour the brew with different amounts of tea. It is important to know that the amount of tea produced is not only the change of shade, but also the taste of aroma.

  Benefit 3 - cultivate the feeling.

  Once you get used to tea, you'll find that even your hand feels better. Grab and get closer and closer to the right amount of tea.

  | thermometer



  Thermometer mostly choose electronic thermometer or infrared thermometer, temperature range between 100 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, the error between 1.5 ℃, for beginners make tea technology is not good, use the thermometer is a very appropriate auxiliary materials.

  Make tea if it is precise, the request reaches 100 ℃ is very easy to find, in the boiling point of traditional brewing process to determine whether tea reached 100 ℃ is very unreliable. Because the actual situation is that the boiling point temperature changes with the pressure, altitude and weather can affect the temperature of the tea soup. Especially the aroma of tea is very delicate and sensitive, the temperature is a little bit less, there may be a lot of aroma matter can not appear.

  The difference of these details, and often a mile, so learn tea early use thermometer to observe the whole brewing process, allows you to various technique has a very profound experience, brew detail.

  | timer

  This tool is mostly not in kind, and now many apps on the phone can satisfy this function. There have been a number of timer versions dedicated to brewing tea abroad, and the Tevana website, which has been discussed at one time, has also produced an APP to check the timing, with music.

  It should be noted that when using a timer, it is better not to stare at the timer, or to talk to people about the time, to observe the changes of tea, to cultivate their sense of timing.

  | pocket microscope.


  Generally referred to as the portable microscope m-10, this pocket-sized magnifying glass is a unique device for black tea lovers. It is 100-200 times more and can be used to identify the famous "golden flower fungus" in black tea.

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