Many people don't know the main reason why they can't drink tea.
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  In life, if you drink too much wine, you often have friends who advise you to drink black tea. After drinking tea, the urine will increase, and in the urine it will also smell the obvious alcohol, assuming that the wine is easily discharged. It is true that we feel more comfortable after drinking tea, but the way we often use tea to relieve the alcohol is harmful to the body.


▲Compendium of materia medica records the harm of drinking tea after drinking.

  Tea drinking is an ancient saying, many people also used strong black tea to sober up. However, this method not only can not solve the wine, but also can injure the kidney! Li shizhen, in compendium of compendium of compendium of medica, made a specific statement about the harm of drinking and drinking tea. "after drinking and drinking tea, the kidney is injured, the waist is heavy, the bladder is cold, and the water is swollen with sputum, and the disease of the clonus is reduced." Modern medicine also proves that drinking and drinking tea, especially strong tea, can have a bad effect on the kidneys. Alcohol in the body's metabolic process is conducted in intrahepatic first, after the alcohol to the liver, in under the action of oxidase, first by oxidation of acetaldehyde, in turn, by oxidation of acetic acid, acetic acid by oxidation of carbon dioxide and water, and then respectively by the kidney and lung.


▲The tea soup of black tea contains a lot of caffeine.

  The main ingredient of black tea is the diuretic effect of the tea base, drinking black tea in large quantities, and the tea base can play the diuretic function quickly, which causes the unbroken acetaldehyde to enter the kidney prematurely. However, acetaldehyde has great damage to the urinary system. If drinking and drinking tea frequently, it is easy to cause the urine frequency and turbidity, as well as stool dry and other diseases. Medical studies have also shown that alcohol has a great stimulus on the cardiovascular, and strong tea also has the effect of excited heart, both agree, more added to the stimulation of the heart, this is bad for poor heart function.

  Black tea not only can not solve the wine, but also can aggravate the harm to the body. After drinking a lot of wine, you can eat citrus, pears, apples and other fruits and drink watermelon juice. If you don't have any fruit, a cup of sugar can help. So drink less and drink more tea.

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