Put down, start with a cup of tea
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Put down, start with a cup of tea

"Xian Weng stone stove, just like the water center. Drink the ark to go, the tea smoke finely incense. " This is a touching description of Wuyi's "landscape tea" by Zhu Xi, a famous poet in Song Dynasty. Only truly come to Wuyishan, will truly realize the "Wuyi landscape a pot of tea", and the correct way to open the Wuyi landscape must start from a cup of warm and mellow tea soup.

People in Wuyishan are fond of tea. They all have deep cultural texture. The tea in their eyes is "tea in chess, calligraphy, painting, poem, wine and tea" rather than tea in "tea, oil, salt, vinegar, and vinegar".

In the six major categories of tea, oolong tea, green tea, black tea and white tea are the origin of the four categories in Fujian, and the birthplace of black tea and oolong tea are all in the Yuyi, which is the starting point of the "Wanli Tea Road".

Among many tea products, Wuyishan people love rock tea best.

Rock tea is a kind of Oolong tea. It is famous for its unique rock rhyme. The peaks of Wuyishan are connected, the canyon is vertical and horizontal, and the river water is lingering. The climate is mild and the rainfall is abundant, forming the geographical and climatic conditions suitable for the growth of tea trees, and the famous Dahongpao has the reputation of "Wang Yi rock tea king".

The taste of rock tea is more varied and hierarchical than that of black tea. When people drink tea in different mood, they will see different pictures and taste. The local people have a different way of drinking. They did not drop the first water of the tea, but put them alone in a cup. After a few bubbles, the taste of the tea gradually fade away and then went back to drink "the tea of the first heart". It is a unique enjoyment of taste buds, and also full of Zen in life.

In Wuyishan, almost all the lodging houses will prepare a set of tea sets for tourists to make tea. "I have tea, do you have a story?" Shake the fragrance, flush, sit on the cup and water. The important thing is not the instrument for tea, but the mindset for tea. The moment of toasting, the time was completely slowed down, and the city of light speed was left behind.

In Wuyishan, we must not miss the big picture of real life. Since its opening in 2010, the theater has performed nearly 3400 performances and has received more than 4 million 500 thousand spectators.

Thousands of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and ancient mountains and rivers tea. One of the features of the performance is that the audience can rotate 360 degrees, the varied stage lights, the magnificent shock scene, as if a cup of rock rhyme thick red robe is the first time each audience will feel the performance.

There is a line in the performance, which is also a "Star" line appearing in the performance. That is, "did you put it down?"

"Is your tiredness down? Is your gloom down? Have you put down your work? " When the actor spoke on the stage, the audience was watching the cell phone and returning to WeChat.

Let go of your worries and demands, and slow down the pace of life temporarily, and live up to this landscape and tea garden.

Put down the burden of your heart and find time to have a cup of hot tea. Life is full of mountains and rivers. It is only foreshadowing. We will arrive in light.

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