Jiangxi excellent products and Shanghai China Army Group sales meeting held in Nanchang
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In order to guide the Jiangxi characteristic commodity production and sales enterprises to open up the Shanghai market, further enhance the brand influence of Jiangxi's famous and characteristic products, realize the complementary advantages and win-win cooperation. In June 12th, the Jiangxi famous and special products of Jiangxi, hosted by the provincial commerce department, and the Shanghai middle army group sales meeting will be held in Nanchang. The chairman of the provincial commerce department party member, deputy director Liang Xiaokang and chairman of the Shanghai army group Wang Zhongzheng attended the meeting. A total of more than 240 ginseng companies will be appointed by the provincial and Municipal Commerce departments, the Shanghai China army group and the 156 Jiangxi provincial famous and special products distribution enterprises.

Liang Xiaokang introduced the development of the trade and circulation industry in the province in recent years and the results of the activities of "Gan conduct the world". It said that the Department of Commerce will vigorously support this work and do good things. He also made a great hope for the enterprises in the province, hoping to seize this opportunity and strengthen the cooperation and exchange with the Shanghai central army group, make use of the advantages of the China army group platform, widen its marketing channels, improve the popularity of Jiangxi products, and let Shanghai consumers appreciate the unique charm of the green ecological products of Jiangxi. Tasting more "Jiangxi taste". At the same time, the competent commercial departments at all levels should attach great importance to this work and take the initiative to do well in service work.

At this introduction, the Shanghai middle army group was responsible for introducing the sales network and the conditions for the products to enter Shanghai, introduced the business of e-commerce (cross-border e-commerce), and conducted on-site interaction and docking negotiations, which caused great repercussions and enthusiasm for the vast number of enterprises.

On the basis of the early docking discussion, Shanghai middle army group and Jiangxi Lynn Tea Co., Jiangxi province water investment eco oil tea development company, Jiangxi three clenon green food development company, Jiujiang Shizhongshan bean products Co., Ltd., Jiangxi CISCO Food Co., Ltd., Xiushui County Dachun Tea Co., Ltd. The signing of the first contract was 58 million 780 thousand yuan.

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