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  JiangXi Riantea Co.,Ltd., located in the coast of the gan river, a green city, south city of nanchang city, is specialized in tea planting, processing, packing, research and development, sales in the integration of modern tea enterprise.

  The past 23 years, Riantea industry, the founder of crazy about tea in the world, Thanksgiving in the tea to his personal and people around him and, static, elegant, interesting, and unparalleled experience healthy and happy, he is convinced that are connected to the five lines of deep tea, is the gift given to the human, will with the heart of the simple gratitude, fear of focus, modest gift returns, claims that provide consumers with health, fashion, safety, convenient tea product and service, make tea by consumers trust products and service, do a respected enterprise.

  Today, Riantea has built a set of ecological tea planting, clean processing, research and development of science and technology, public health packaging and brand marketing both at home and abroad in the integration of the whole industrial chain of tea industry business model, benefactor brought simple, responsibility, innovation and Riantea and grace as enterprise core culture of a lifetime to play afforestation ShangLi tea, stylish fruit tea, black tea, spring buds of England tea brands such as old people, makes most people have good affordable health tea.

  Riantea 's Riantea Gallery is located in the suburb of nanchang, and is known as the national forest park - mei ling. Gallery research to young urban residents tend to use modern network, micro letter, micro group of methods for the young gens create a leisure city, a communication, parties, weddings, outing, tea gathering places. Give priority to with the tea consumption, clear water, drink, and then match with tea, cakes and sweetmeats, from all over the world tea and newspapers, magazines, wifi, make it easy for people to learn and experience, to drink a cup of fine tea, not only here and enjoy the fresh air, slowly slowly and the natural environment.

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Office Address:Flat 1105, Mansion 1, Seattle Int'l, Honggu Ave., Nanchang330038, Jiangxi, China
Riantea Gallery Address:Xichang Village, Meiling Town, Wanli District, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China