The Chinese tea tea contains poetry.
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  Late October 22, from jiangxi province writers association, district party committee of the communist party of China bay, bay district people's government hosted, jiangxi radio and television broadcasting, the Chinese communist party MeiLing town committee, the town people's government MeiLing, Jiang Xilin tea industry co., LTD., nanchang university college students' art troupe, New York, wedding photography, jiangxi green tea culture heng industrial co., LTD., nanchang wal-mart cooperated with Sam's club, a light autumn the fifth Jiang Xilin Mr Gu yu, tea frequently in located in the state-level scenic area of nanchang MeiLing Lynn tea research park.


  Provincial federation, the provincial writers association, provincial literary art world famous poets, writers, artists, critics, and from province tea industry federation, bay district party committee, the district government, MeiLing administration of national scenic area of the guest and related media, people love tea more than 200 people to attend this tea frequently.





Korean tea, Arabian tea, British afternoon tea, Chinese tea culture display.

  Poets gathering at the tea at the opening ceremony, the communist party of China in the bay area town party secretary MeiLing dian-fu wang on behalf of the organizers of the welcome speech, provincial writers association, vice chairman of Ceng Qingsheng delivers a speech on behalf of the provincial writers association, Jiang Xilin er tea industry co., LTD., chairman yuan welcome speech. Them in his speech to Jiang Xilin er tea industry co., LTD and jiangxi province writers association to make the annual MeiLing Jiang Xilin er tea frequently became the bay a cultural brand, to make Chinese tea culture will be further poem are enthusiastically described the inheritance and development.



  Poets gathering this tea is divided into "tea, a distance", the tea ceremony of "life", "Lynn about" three chapters, the selection of the fourth "Lynn" a cup of tea in jiangxi tea language poetry contest excellent work Lynn tea garden "of" tea "poetry has always been asked Lynn" "tea pillow to MeiLing etc, fully expressed the heart of China's tea culture inheritance, and the love of Jiang Xicha brand. Jiangxi radio and television announcer professional poetry reading, poets wonderful poem complement each other, make whole tea frequently tone diversity, rich colors, increase the charm of words itself, at the same time, interspersed with classical instrumental music playing and wonderful performances, art makes the sustained time of two hours of tea frequently good atmosphere, all climax, the scene audience keeps listen carefully attitude and immersed tea, the artistic conception of poetry.


Jiangxi radio and television station broadcasting and hosting the excellent recitation. 


The wonderful performance of nanchang qin band.


It is reported that jiangxi linn tea industry, together with the jiangxi writers association, has successfully held four times of jiangxi "linn" cup tea language poetry competition. The fourth competition received more than 2,000 entries from more than 1000 authors from all over the country, and the social response was warmly received. The fifth jiangxi "Lin 'en" cup tea speech poem contest began to be drafted with the fifth jiangxi linne valley rain tea poetry meeting. The relevant draft notices will be published through the official WeChat of jiangxi association and the official website of China association of Chinese poetry.

"The text carries the tea ceremony, the tea contains the rhyme." Jiang Xilin er tea frequently since 2013 has been successfully held for five consecutive terms, has become the jiangxi enterprise promoting the value of brand culture, run-up literature of the new model, and gradually became a brand new poetry activities in jiangxi province.


College students tea culture and art troupe of nanchang university.


Riantea associates

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